Raphaël Sutcliffe

David Bowie tribute bassist Raphael Sutcliffe

Raphaël studied Music and Sound Recording at Surrey University and has designed many of the amps and speakers that we use to shape our live sound.

His company Sutcliffe Amplification built the guitar and bass rigs for David Live to really nail the Spiders' tone with hand-wired bespoke circuits, valves and plenty of tweaking!

Raphaël's favourite Bowie album is Ziggy Stardust The Motion Picture Soundtrack.

JP Sutcliffe

DavidLive drumer JP Sutcliffe

JP studied Jazz Piano at Trinity College and now runs his own recording studio in Surrey. He has written and performed on many albums, one of which received regular airplay in America.

JP and his two brothers in David Live have been singing together since they were kids, perfecting the tight harmonies of artists like The Eagles and The Beach Boys. JP's top tracks are Modern Love, Let's Dance and Fame.